Some Easy Tips for Hair Straightening

Some Easy Tips for Hair StraighteningFlat irons or hair straighteners are really prominent today because of its great functions and benefits. Some of you may have these tools at home since you also utilize them for hairstyling approaches. But do you always use these tools properly? If you have a flat iron at home for usual utilization, then you may want to be guided well on how to use the styling equipment for good. Here are some techniques which you can try so that you can improve the looks that you wanted to achieve:

The Basics about Hair Straightening

Of course, you will need a straightening tool that has a various temperature setting, hairdressing clip, a comb and a product that can be used as heat protection. After you prepared the materials to be used for your hairstyling procedures, then you do the following:

  • Make sure that you completely dry your hair. Flat ironing your hair when wet is less effective and it can also damage your hair. If it’s in poor condition, then it is not a nice idea to directly apply heat on it. You may try first a strand test using your straighteners on the lowest setting. Then, check for breakage or dryness.
  • While your flat irons heat up, you can apply some products like spray or cream for heat protection to your hair. These products can prevent hair damage from the styling tool. Let it dry on your hair for a few minutes. Then, comb your hair to get rid of the tangles.
  • To attain the best results out of using straigtheners, you should not it try too much on your hair every day. If you do it regularly, you may end up having a straight hair on any side but a huge frizzy strand between your hairs. Divide your hair into 3 horizontal sections. You may start working on your neck’s nape upwards. If your hair is thick or curl, then you will probably have to divide your hair into some smaller sections.
  • Take a division of hair as wide as those heat plates on the flat irons. Close the iron behind your comb and slide your hair along your hair’s length. You may do this thing in a slight movement to achieve best outcome. Repeat this procedure for every section and make sure that you should not straighten the same pieces of hair twice.

Styling Procedures

Here are some styling procedures that you shouldn’t miss so as to attain the best styles you wanted for your hair:

  • If you have super straight hair, you may opt to utilize a spray on your hair first so as to hold the style that you will create. Straighten down its hair’s length in vertical form and move your straightening tool at steady pace. Use a comb to brush your hair so that its ends will be greatly defined. This will then looks great with razored or point-cut styles.
  • Use a straightner to add volume on your hair. For you to this, you just need to pull your hair out away from your head while you are trying to straighten every strand you have. Lift the top portion in groups and pull the tool directly in upward movement. Be careful not to tug it on your head. Let the ends to slightly curve for great movement.
  • Hair straightener can also be utilized for spiky styles. The first thing that you have to do is to apply a volumizing spray on your hair roots and let them dry outwards from the head. Set it using your hair spray and utilize straighteners to emphasize the ends.

Curling Your Hair with Straightening Irons

It is also possible to curl your hair using straightening irons. Some techniques take a little practice, but these are great ways to have loose curls depending on your desires. You will just need a narrow straightener type with curved barrel. Here are the steps that you should follow in curling your hair using straightening irons:

  1. Begin with two or three centimeter wide strip of your hair. Then, place your straightener near the hair roots and plates.
  2. Wrap the strands around the straightening iron. You may then rotate your tool towards your head by approximately 180 degrees. The remaining sections of hair must be hanging in a downward movement.
  3. Slightly grip your hair near its ends and gradually slide down the tool up to the tip portion of the strands.
  4. Wrap the curls around your fingers for a few minutes while your hair cools. When you are already done on it, set now your hair by using a hairspray to strongly hold the style.