Hair Care Maintenance – How to Straighten Your Hair Like an Expert

Most women want to have a stunning look which will surely stand out from the crowd. That’s why they always wanted to be well presentable as they step out from their house. Aside from having some make-over, they also try to fix their hair and create some styles on it.

If you are one of them who also wanted to be nice-looking at the naked eyes of the others, then you have to create some ways on how to be well presentable. For you to add emphasis on your hairstyles and to achieve straight, shiny and smooth hair using your hairstyling tool; then you may be able to follow these tips for your hair care:

Choose an appropriate size of flat ironTip 1: Choose an appropriate size of flat iron. In choosing a type of flat iron, you should always know the size of the iron to be utilized so as to be suitable for the thickness and length of your hair. Of course, an appropriate size of iron can easily be maneuvered and handled for your hairstyling techniques. This can also reduce the risk of breaking your hair, which may cause further hair damage.

For short, fine or thick hair: You may utilize a flat iron type with narrow plates that ranges from 0.5 inch to 1 inch thick. It allows you to straighten your hair into smaller sections.

For long, fine or thick hair: Utilize an iron type with wider plates which ranges from 1.5 inches to 2 inches wide so that you may be able to wrap more sections in just a few minutes. Always be wary about the iron’s weight so that you can always be comfortable when using it.

Tip 2: Choose an appropriate heat setting. Heat setting is determined through your hair type and texture. Actually, lots of professional hairstylists utilize a flat iron that contains various heat settings so as to adjust the heat depending on the hair to be straightened. The recommended heat temperature of iron must be as follows:

  • For damaged or fine hair: 250 to 300 degrees
  • For average/medium hair: 300 to 350 degrees
  • For coarse or thick hair: 350 to 400 degrees

Tip 3: Utilize the right tool. Always look for the best flat irons which utilize tourmaline, ceramic or titanium metals. These tools will heat more consistently which causes less heat damage on your hair. These tools are good to be used since these emit negative ions which tighten the cuticle of your hair. On the other hand, you have to be wary of those flat irons that are only coated with ceramic or Teflon because these tools can’t provide heat more evenly. Aside from that, these can add more drying effect to your hair.

Tip 4: Prepare your hair properly. Once you have already chose the right iron for you, then you have to prepare your hair for undergoing the recommended heat. The first step that you should do is to wash your hair with lightweight shampoo and conditioner. Once you are already done taking a shower, then utilize a mousse with heat protection built-in. Dry your hair using blower as you lift your hair through its roots so as to create more volume. Then, smooth your hair from the middle shaft to the ends utilizing tension and natural b rush with bristles.

Tip 5: Acquire a super nice and straight look. Follow the recommended steps below so as to attain a super straight and well-polished look:

  1. Acquire a super nice and straight lookStart through clipping your hair into some manageable sections. If you have thicker hair, then you should also create ore sections on it. Grab an inch up to 2 inches hair section starting from the half bottom of your head.
  2. Quickly slide the iron down your hair shaft so as to make sure that you can move it from a steady pace. Continue this procedure until you’ve straightened the mid-sections and the bottom of your head.
  3. Lift off the scalp and iron your hair as close to the roots as possible. Press your hair firmly so as to achieve smooth and well-polished touch
  4. Mist your hair with shine spray.

Tip 6: Remember the essential things that you should avoid. Don’t t iron your hair when wet because this can surely fry the strands. Do not utilize chipped or broken hot tools because these are obviously dangerous. Don’t utilize a type of flat iron on a daily basis, especially if it involves high heat temperature. It is because this can dry your hair.

Hair Straighteners – Things that You Should Know!

What would be the best hair straightener for you? Do you know a tool which can be utilized for your hair? Well, let’s try to explore the ideal one that is good for your hair.

Curling Your Hair with StraightenersActually, most people tend to use straigtheners like GHDs. These hairstyling tools are quite expensive and some customers can hardly afford its price tag. That’s why some of them want to use Remington hairstyling products and some other brands. Whatever the brand of your hairstyling products, it is still important to pick the right one so that you can easily do the hairstyling techniques suitable for your hair. As much as possible, try to read more reviews about hair straighteners that are available online so that you can  surely choose those with great benefits to users.

Heat Protection Spray

When you are about to use some hair straightener tool, then you might want to use some protection spray during the application. This protection spray can prevent hair damage from too much heat given by the hairstyling tool.

Curling Your Hair with Straighteners

It is also possible look for ways on how to curl your with a straightener. Actually Remington products and GHDs come with DVDs containing curls secrets. So, you can also make use of their instructional guide so as to achieve a curly hair. However, one of the ways on how to curl your hair is to get first your hair section and twist the strands around the hair straightener tool for few seconds. You can also use some alternatives by wrapping your hair around a finger or pencil and clamp the strands between the plates for few seconds.

5 Primary Natural Products for Your Hair Straightening

At some instances, you can also utilize some natural products for your hair straightening while using a straightening tool. Some people tend to use these products because these are also safe and effective for their hair. Some of these natural products are the following:

  1. Tea liquor
  2. Lemon & coconut
  3. Hot oil treatment
  4. Honey milk concoction
  5. Egg paste & olive oil

Some FAQs about Hair Straighteners

Probably, some of you have queries in your mind about the best hair straighteners in the marketplace. That’s why we have prepared some frequently asked questions and the possible answers to those queries. I hope that these things that were listed below will serve as your guide about the hair straightening tool in the market:

  • What particular thing must not I use or put on my straightened hair? – Once you have straightened your hair with some natural products or using a straightening tool, then you should utilize any liquid or water-based because it allows your hair to go back from its natural or regular state.
  • How should I clean my hair straighteners after I use it? – At some point, your hair straightener tool might be covered with brown burnt and dirt on hair spray. So, if there are some sorts of stuff or dirt that can be found on your straightener tool, then you just need to heat up your styling tool. Turn it off and when it is still warm, try to rub it using a damp cloth. In this way, it would be much easier to clean the dirt from your hair straightener tool.
  • Where to buy a hair straightening tool? Buying a certain type if hair straightener is quite trick because of numerous brands and types over there. So, you have to purchase the product in any reliable company. It would be much better if you will buy the hair straightening tool to the manufacturer itself and not to the agents or resellers. There are numerous benefits that you can get out of directly buying from the manufacturers.

With these pieces of information that were discussed to you, it is expected that you can already have an idea about the best hair straighteners for your hair. You may have one of it and explore its great usage, functions and overall benefits for the users.

How to Perfectly Straighten Your Hair at Home

We know that straightening your hair would be a bit tiresome, especially if you don’t know how to do it successfully. So, no matter how curly, wavy or thick your hair is; we can still do some ways in order to make it straight. You may refer to the tips and suggestions on the succeeding discussions for you to have a perfect shiny and straight hair.

Things to Prepare for Your Hair Straightening Procedures

If you wish to have or create an appealing straight hair, then fret no more! We will guide you on how to achieve your goal very successfully. You can just prepare these things before you start doing the procedures:

  • Blow dryer
  • Brush
  • Hair serum shine spray
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Heat protection spray
  • Oil treatment
  • Hair straightener or flat iron

Wash your hair and let it dry firstWith this particular set of hair grooming tools and products, you can now change your hair from a messy and curly one to a straight and shiny look. Please consider the steps below for the proper procedures:

  1. Wash your hair and let it dry first. If you plan to straighten your hair, then you have to wash your hair first. The straightening procedures work best once your hair is completely washed, condition and then dried. You have to ensure that your shampoo that you are about to utilize is suitable for the type of your hair. This must be a natural product or an eco-friendly one. Dry your hair with towel, after apply some shampoo and conditioner. Wrap your hair with a clean towel and stay it for about 15 minutes.
  2. Use an oil treatment. You can also apply an oil treatment before you dry your hair with a blower. This can make your hair softer as you let your hair dry. Take some oil; put it on your finger and distribute it evenly onto your palm. Work it out through the bottom part of your hair. In fact, this product is perfect for dried curly hair.
  3. Use an oil treatmentBlow-dry your hair. You may utilize a hair blower to completely dry and straighten your hair. When you are doing this procedure, see to it that you start with the hair roots and slowly work through its tips and length. Consistently comb the strands with brush or fingers while utilizing a blow dryer.
  4. Spray your hair using a product that contains heat protection formula. It is very crucial to apply a heat protection product prior to use a flat iron. This can usually avoid breakage and hair damage from too much heat given by your hairstyling tool. You can opt to buy and use a high quality type of heat protection product so as to achieve a significant healthy hair.
  5. Section your hair for straightening procedures. As much as possible, try to divide your hair into three sections: bottom, middle and top portion. This is really a must to ensure that there’s a proper management or handling on every section.
  6. Prepare your hair straightening tool. You can primarily choose a type of flat iron with various temperature settings since it allows you to adjust the plate’s temperature according to the type and condition of your hair. You can adjust it from 250 to 400 degrees based from the thickness and textures of your strands.
  7. Spray your hair using a product that contains heat protection formulaStraighten your hair using a flat iron. Actually, it’s not so much complicated to straighten your hair utilizing a flat iron. However, you need to properly perform to achieve great results. First, you have to take some pieces of hair for about 1-2 inches wide and 0.5 inch thickness. Start the ironing procedures according to the sections that you have just made. Make sure that there’s an even heat produced by the hairstyling tool so that it will not burn your hair.

With the knowledge and ideas on the products and hairstyling tools including the procedures on how to straighten your hair; it is now expected that you can already perform a DIY procedure for your hair. Just follow the procedures above and you can surely have a perfect hair for several occasions.

Some Easy Tips for Hair Straightening

Some Easy Tips for Hair StraighteningFlat irons or hair straighteners are really prominent today because of its great functions and benefits. Some of you may have these tools at home since you also utilize them for hairstyling approaches. But do you always use these tools properly? If you have a flat iron at home for usual utilization, then you may want to be guided well on how to use the styling equipment for good. Here are some techniques which you can try so that you can improve the looks that you wanted to achieve:

The Basics about Hair Straightening

Of course, you will need a straightening tool that has a various temperature setting, hairdressing clip, a comb and a product that can be used as heat protection. After you prepared the materials to be used for your hairstyling procedures, then you do the following:

  • Make sure that you completely dry your hair. Flat ironing your hair when wet is less effective and it can also damage your hair. If it’s in poor condition, then it is not a nice idea to directly apply heat on it. You may try first a strand test using your straighteners on the lowest setting. Then, check for breakage or dryness.
  • While your flat irons heat up, you can apply some products like spray or cream for heat protection to your hair. These products can prevent hair damage from the styling tool. Let it dry on your hair for a few minutes. Then, comb your hair to get rid of the tangles.
  • To attain the best results out of using straigtheners, you should not it try too much on your hair every day. If you do it regularly, you may end up having a straight hair on any side but a huge frizzy strand between your hairs. Divide your hair into 3 horizontal sections. You may start working on your neck’s nape upwards. If your hair is thick or curl, then you will probably have to divide your hair into some smaller sections.
  • Take a division of hair as wide as those heat plates on the flat irons. Close the iron behind your comb and slide your hair along your hair’s length. You may do this thing in a slight movement to achieve best outcome. Repeat this procedure for every section and make sure that you should not straighten the same pieces of hair twice.

Styling Procedures

Here are some styling procedures that you shouldn’t miss so as to attain the best styles you wanted for your hair:

  • If you have super straight hair, you may opt to utilize a spray on your hair first so as to hold the style that you will create. Straighten down its hair’s length in vertical form and move your straightening tool at steady pace. Use a comb to brush your hair so that its ends will be greatly defined. This will then looks great with razored or point-cut styles.
  • Use a straightner to add volume on your hair. For you to this, you just need to pull your hair out away from your head while you are trying to straighten every strand you have. Lift the top portion in groups and pull the tool directly in upward movement. Be careful not to tug it on your head. Let the ends to slightly curve for great movement.
  • Hair straightener can also be utilized for spiky styles. The first thing that you have to do is to apply a volumizing spray on your hair roots and let them dry outwards from the head. Set it using your hair spray and utilize straighteners to emphasize the ends.

Curling Your Hair with Straightening Irons

It is also possible to curl your hair using straightening irons. Some techniques take a little practice, but these are great ways to have loose curls depending on your desires. You will just need a narrow straightener type with curved barrel. Here are the steps that you should follow in curling your hair using straightening irons:

  1. Begin with two or three centimeter wide strip of your hair. Then, place your straightener near the hair roots and plates.
  2. Wrap the strands around the straightening iron. You may then rotate your tool towards your head by approximately 180 degrees. The remaining sections of hair must be hanging in a downward movement.
  3. Slightly grip your hair near its ends and gradually slide down the tool up to the tip portion of the strands.
  4. Wrap the curls around your fingers for a few minutes while your hair cools. When you are already done on it, set now your hair by using a hairspray to strongly hold the style.

Choosing the Best Hair Straightener Suitable for Your Hair

Using a high quality and an ideal flat iron is one of the tricks to get glossy and straight hair. Hair straighteners are commonly known as flat irons that utilize heated plates to flatten the kinks of your strands. Even though you have thick or wavy hair and curled locks, then a straightening tool can flatten your hair follicles better than using a paddle brush and blow dryer alone. An ultimate key to have an optimum maintenance of hair and straightening the strands without breakage or damage is to choose the best type of hair straightener according to your hair type and condition.

Some Considerations in Selecting a hair Straightener

hair StraightenerIn choosing an ideal hair straightener, it is imperative to consider so many options for the best selection. However, in despite of its numerous selections, you have to make sure you can still arrive on a high quality type of it. Here are some of the things and considerations that you need to take when you are about to choose and buy a flat iron tool for your hair:

  • Right size – Hair straighteners always come in different width and sizes. Those small and thin flat iron tools are really great for both men and women who have short hair. These are also perfect for spikes and styling bangs. In fact, these styling tools can be even used when you are traveling. Those huge and wide flat irons are good option if you have thick or long hair since these can cover up more areas when doing the hairstyling procedures.
  • Right features – hairstyling tools may come with various features. So, if you have natural curly hair, then you may want a hair straightener with steam functions or comb teeth which can set and tame unruly tresses. There are also some cordless hair straighteners which you may use since these are perfect for your hairstyling needs. An instant-heat type of flat iron is also great for those people who do not have enough time to get ready once they stand from their bed in the morning.
  • Your hair texture – Consider you hair’s natural texture first. Coarse, thick hair requires a hair straightening tools which heats up to a high temperature. But fine or thin hair is not suitable for high temperature because it can damage your think hair. If you think that you hair is fine and thin, then you have to buy an iron that offers a wide range of heat setting selections. Digital flat irons allow you to select an exact temperature so as to prevent hair damage from too much heat.

Hair Straighteners for Several Textures

If you have thin or fine hair, then opt to utilize ceramic flat irons. These are perfect for making your hair smoother and for reducing frizz. Ceramic can hold heat very well which allows the hair straightener to acquire high temperatures. Furthermore, ceramic plates provide consistent distribution of heat. You can even select among ceramic flat irons that have ceramic plates, tourmaline plates or ceramic coating. Actually, tourmaline is a gemstone; however, it works just like ceramic once hair straightener plates are then coated with it.

If you have coarse or thick hair, then you may also consider some sorts of titanium flat irons. These can heat up quickly than those with ceramic plates. These also hold high heat at consistent temperature. Actually, titanium is a lightweight metal that contains an ionic charge. This helps you to get or achieve good-looking hair without any difficult means. Its high heat makes these tools prominent in the world of hairstyling tool industry. However, this tool may not be an ideal option for those people who have fine hair because their hair can be easily scorched.